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hi i'm lauren~ ✿ voltage inc. ♔ ntt solmare ♔ otome games ♘ anime ♙phoenix wright ♡ i love me my pixelated men! I also like to write fanfics and make edits in my free time. btw, my voltage game is still going! check my tags page for details~ (´ε` )♡
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Took me a few hours, but I’m done at last! Enjoy~

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    My first try: Boyfriend - Claude Kingdom - Oriens Best Friend - Alan Loves you - Stephen/Steven/whatever (Will’s brother...
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    I could play this all day long! Claude (OMG IUHSDADIUH THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE) Charles Best friend: Louis (oh, I got...
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    Boyfriend: Jan (YAY!!) Charles Best friend: Luke (DOUBLE YAY!!) Loved by Roberto (cool…) Hated by Alberto (WOAH I SEE...
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    Edward hates me?!?!!? noooooooooo, whith who am I going to drink tea now?
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    My boyfriend is Prince Edward :) Kingdom: Altaria Best Friend: Alan Loves You: Jan Hates You: Yu Who You Marry: Prince...
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    Jean pierre hates me K
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    Boyfriend: Edward Oriens Best friend: Cynthia Loves me: Keithstar Hates me: Wilfred… Whyyyyy Who I will marry: Claude…...
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    Boyfriend: Roberto ( hell yes)Kingdom: PhilipBest friend: Cynthia (luv her)Loves me: KeithHates me: Wilfred (OMG wtf is...
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    My boyfriend: Claude -yay! I always wanted a butler!!
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    Boyfriend: Luke (ehhh) Kingdom: Nerwan (Noooooooo) Best Friend: Wilfred (Like…best friends with benefits? ^^) Loves You:...
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